The 2nd - Morioka International HAIKU Contest JN / EN

The second - Morioka International HAIKU Contest

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Introduction of the 1st Morioka International Haiku Contest

Saturday, August 3, and Sunday August 4, 2019 (Reiwa 1st)

◉Morioka Ginko Tour held on Saturday, August 3

GINKO tour was held to create haiku while finding Morioka’s attractions. 23 people from inside and outside the prefecture joined the tour. The tour started from an ancient Japanese style house, now known as Tankuboku Newlywed House. Takuboku, (1886-1912) a famous tanka/haiku poet who symbolizes Morioka lived in this house when he just got married with his wife. The tour was followed by Mutsuishi Shrine, Iwayama Park, Kaminohashi Bridge and Morioka Castle Site Park. Ms. Terry Ann Carter, one of the judges of the English section was also in the tour. It was a hot day in the middle of summer in Morioka, but all the participants seemed enjoying making poems from every sense they felt during the tour.

Tankuboku Newlywed House

Mitsuishi Shrine

Nakatsugawa River bank besides Kaminohashi Bridge

Morioka Castle Site Park

Inside the tour bus

Iwayama Park

◉1st Morioka International Haiku Contest held on Sunday, August 4

The venue was Odashima-gumi☆hall located on the 7th floor of Iwate Prefectural Citizens Information Exchange Center (Aina). Ms. Itsuki Natsui, a popular Japanese poet and essayist gave her talk on the stage. Ms. Terry Ann Carter joined the contest as a judge from Morioka’s twin city, Victoria, B.C. Canada. She introduced attractions of English haiku and its popularity in North America.

Inside the venue

Talk by Ms. Itsuki Natsui

Keynote Speech by Ms. Terry Ann Carter

Prior Submission – English Section
Prized poems announcement and commentary.

Prior Submission – Japanese Section
Prized poems announcement and commentary.

On the day entry – Japanese Section
Prized poems announcement and commentary.