The first - Morioka International HAIKU Contest

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Itsuki Natsui
Terry Ann Carter Canadian poet and paper artist Terry Ann Carter is the author of six collections of poetry and five haiku chapbooks. TOKAIDO (Red Moon Press, 2017) won a Touchstone Distinguished Book Award. She is the past President of Haiku Canada and facilitator for the Haiku Arbutus Group, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
August 4th (Sun), 2019
Aiina Iwate Prefecture Citizen’s Cultural Exchange Center 7th Floor Odashimagumi Hall
Recruitment Department
①Prior haiku submissions – Japanese section *Application period … The beginning of January 2019-May 2019 ②Prior haiku submissions – English section *Application period … The beginning of January 2019-May 2019 ③Submissions on the day of the contest – Japanese section *Accepted the day of the contest (August 4th, 2019)
Guest poetry reading / Excellent poem announcement and awards *Additional details will be posted as they are decided.
Sponsored by
The Morioka International Haiku Contest Executive Committee

Recruitment of Spectators

【seating capacity】150 persons(pre-register required)

※In case of too many applications, we will hold a draw.
those who without pre-register can watch the event on the screen.
the screen will be placed in another room of the same building (room 804).


【Concents inputted】

(2)Country of Citizenship
(3)Phone number
(4)Email address
(5)The number of participants(Up to 4 people)


【How to register】Entry is here