The 5th - Morioka International HAIKU Contest

The 5th-Morioka International HAIKU Contest

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Outline of Contest

The 5th Morioka International Haiku Contest Special Judge & Guest
Ms. NATSUI, Itsuki She was born in 1957, lives in Matsuyama city, Ehime. After serving as a Japanese teacher for 8 years, she became a HAIJIN, haiku poet. In addition to being active with her creation and teaching as leader of haiku group called “Itsukigumi”, she organizes haiku lessons, “Kukai Live”, established high schoolers haiku competition called “Hiaku Koshien” and involved with municipal haiku activities in Matsuyama.
Saturday, July 8,2023
Contest Guest Keynote Speech Awards Ceremony
Sunday, November 12,2023
Admission fees are undetermined at this time.
Sections Submission Period
Thursday, August 31,2023
Japanese Section Judges
Itsuki Natsui
Mutsuo Takano
Naoki Kishimoto
Ichiyo Shirahama
Seiryu Nakui
Japanese Junior Section Judges
Ichiyo Shirahama
Reiin Kudou
Mariko Oikawa
English Section Judges
Michael Dylan Welch
Toshio Kimura
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Morioka International Haiku Contest Executive Committee